However, instead, Hathor decides to give him a gift. After dispensing with the scientists, Hathor makes her way to the Stargate mountain facility dressed as a homeless woman. It is active. Series Episode: s01e14 Hathor jack finds out that the SGC is a little bit more... open... than it might suggest. However, Teal'c's Goa'uld protects him from Hathor's influence. As they make their move, Hathor awakens and orders the guards to protect her. However, Hathor is quite thrilled by the news, especially when she learns they killed him. Hathor is a race of Encantados that live in the Kingdom of Hathoria, in western Encantadia. They are interrupted by an SF, who informs Major General George S. Hammond that an intruder has entered Cheyenne Mountain. The Quilt of Hathor " The Quilt of Hathor " is the nineteenth episode of the 1st season of Friday the 13th: The Series. 1 Appearance 2 Abilities 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 References 6 Site Navigation Both Orbital Frames are derived from the wreckage of Idolo . "Hathor"is the 14th episode of Stargate SG-1Season 1. Episode: Choose Your Story is a story adventure where you can create your own student who has recently arrived to a new high school. Hammond, along with Jackson and O'Neill arrive at the cell. They soon track her to the locker room, where they see her resting in a hydrotherapy whirlpool bath, by herself. Soon, with all the males loyal to her, it is up to the females of the base to stop Hathor before it's too late. Designed as the sister Orbital Frame to Isis, its capabilities are on a par with Isis, if not slightly more powerful. She is the same woman who killed Kleinman's team in Mexico, and introduces herself as Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety and music (or sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, as O'Neill puts it). When the pink mist makes its way to his hand. The sarcophagus is sent to the Stargate Command and Hathor seduces all the men in the base. So he can bring me up on charges. Followed by After it is closed, the blast doors open, where two Airmen immediately open fire on Carter, Fraiser and Teal'c. In an armory, Carter, Fraiser and the females of the SGC arm themselves in order to kill Hathor. You will enjoy the rich rewards that come with what we are giving you. I realize that Dakara could have been the solution as well, but that wasn’t explored as … Hammond and O'Neill leave the room so Hathor could talk to Jackson. Hathor The power of her suggestion also reaches to O'Neill. Fraiser: Maybe we'll at least get a cellular level analysis on the Goa'ulds, maybe we even find some DNA information. She flees after the unaffected women of Stargate Command retake the facility. I can fix him up as good as new when this thing's over. However the men are ready to give their lives to Hathor, forming a human shield to protect her and Hathor intends to use them to rule Earth. Episode She tells O'Neill if he could back her up, in which he says he will, if there is a problem, oblivious to the fact that there is a problem. Guest stars That’s a sentiment Suanne, to this day, is often overwhelmed by. See the full Episode 3 "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in our free app. With Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge. "Singularity". When she realizes they are not Goa'uld, she uses her Kara kesh, and kills the team. This episode was heavily criticized, and the series' writers themselves acknowledged that it was one of the weakest episodes of the series, particularly during the. Expy: Hathor appears to be one for Poison Ivy, as an Evil Redhead able to make men do her bidding with the use of pheromones. Written by Fighting from the Inside: Subtly. Unknown to him, she blows out a mysterious pink mist. Stargate SG-1 - Season 1 Episode 14: Hathor - Metacritic Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Hathor, The ancient Egyptian goddess and Goa'uld, Hathor, is awakened and immediately takes over SGC and all of … Brad Turner Production She begins to exert her influence on the men of the base in order to start building her new Jaffaarmy. Carter checks O'Neill's stomach, where the symbiote pouch has been completely removed. After she pushes him away, O'Neill is startled to see that the device has created a symbiote pouch in O'Neill's abdomen, turning him into a Jaffa. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. Add the first question. Hathor was associated with turquoise, malachite, gold, and copper. In the tomb, they find a Sarcophagus. The scene where Hathor exits from her bathtub completely dry seems to be Hathor entering the tub, but played backwards. Episode features interactive Hollywood-caliber stories built from the ground up for mobile, not the passive entertainment of TV and movies. She makes her way to the SGC, where she begins her plan to … Carter: Great. After Carter is stunned, Hammond offers Hathor a tour of the facility. Hathor (ハトール Hatōru) is the second Orbital Frame piloted by Radium Lavans. After cautiously making their way through the base, they arrive at the guest quarters, where they see Jackson, motionless. She thanks him for this, and kisses his hand. Westerholm The local population, the Netjerians were anthropomorphic beings who worshiped Hathor as a god with even more devotion than that seen in other races. Fraiser: You just gave me an idea on how to get us out of here. The device causes considerable pain to O'Neill. She was commonly called the "Golden One", referring to the radiance of the sun, and texts from her temple at Dendera say "her rays illuminate the whole earth." He requests to allow her into the briefing room. In 1997, she was discovered by a pair of archaeologists, whom she killed before heading for the Stargate -- sensing its hidden location deep within Cheyenne Mountain. Later, in the Season 7 episode "Heroes (Part 1)", Dr. Fraiser is discussing Jack with the film crew and mentions "the whole Hathor incident, which we were never supposed to speak of again". Hathor influences the males of the facility with a pink mist from her breath. The Goa'uld Hathor (one of the mothers of all Goa'uld), brainwashes the men of the SGC with pheromones, and nearly makes Jack a host to a larva conceived with Daniel. When Hathor's sarcophagus is first opened in a Mayan temple in Mexico, her first words are in English, "Where is Ra?". If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. She dials the Stargate to Chulak and leaves. However he now has no immune system. Based on Season 2 Episode 22: Out Of Mind. Hammond, O'Neill and Airmen protect Hathor. Hathor retaliates by knocking Carter back with her hand device. In a female voice, she demands to know where Ra is. O'Neill: (to Hammond) She might mean you, sir. As “the Mistress of Turquoise” and the “Lady of Malachite” she was the patron of miners and the goddess of the Sinai Peninsula (the location of the famous turquoise and copper mines). The first thing to do is create your avatar, giving her a name and creating her look. While Carter explains that she often feels like "the girl", Fraiser has a revelation; if Hathor's drug is hormone-driven, it could drive the men to become libidinous, so they decide to seduce the SFs to escape. After the tub has caught fire, at approximately 40:33, you can see Hathor leaving the room through the door in the background. Suanne Braun as HathorTeryl Rothery as Dr. Janet FraiserDave Hurtubise as Dr. KleinhouseAmanda O'Leary as Dr. ColeBob Frazer as Airman HyattIkkee Battle as SF GuardTracy Westerholm as SSgt. Prior to the kingdom of Etheria's rise to power, the kingdom of Hathoria was living in peace alongside the territories of Adamya, Sapiro and Lireo. Hathor's tub catches fire, at first making the team believe Hathor is dead. Soon, with all the males loyal to her, it is up to the females of the base to stop Hathor before it's too late. She tells them she was drawn to the "chappa'ai", and wants to know where Ra is. The Goa'uld queen, Hathor, named after the Egyptian sex goddess, awakens after being discovered in her Sarcophagus in Mexico and makes her way to Stargate Command. Carter is getting suspicious that all the males in the facility seem really infatuated with Hathor. The first time he'd thought of her that way it had taken him completely by surprise. Jackson tries to stop her, but after using the pink mist again, they kiss again, so she could get him to impregnate her. 01.14 Episode 14 (#3964) Airdate: October 24, 1997 Hathor, a powerful Goa'uld goddess, is awakened from an Egyptian sarcophagus within a Mayan pyramid where she had been imprisoned in stasis for thousands of years. As the sarcophagus goes into an overload, the team hastily leave the gate room, seconds before it is destroyed. Thinking she is crazy, he still plays into her delusions. They allow Teal'c to join them, as Hathor plans to use the base as her nest to spread out. Hathor’s worship originated in early dynastic times (3rd millennium bce). She decides to do some research, without Jackson's help. The Goa'uld Hathor (one of the mothers of all Goa'uld), brainwashes the men of the SGC with pheromones, and nearly makes Jack a host to a larva conceived with Daniel. She flees after the unaffected women of Stargate Command retake the facility. She flees after the ... 9 of 14 people found this review helpful. Eventually, Earth will be filled with Goa'uld. O'Neill visits Hathor in order to ask her questions about herself. All episodes playlist: and The Bear. While they consider who Hathor is, Jackson enters the Briefing Room with Hammond and the rest of SG-1, and tells them that the woman claiming to be Hathor has either extensively researched Ancient Egypt, or has lived there, meaning she's a Goa'uld, but possibly a "good" Goa'uld, since she may help defeating Apophis and other "evil" Goa'ulds. "Politics", was the series' first clip show, it is widely regarded as one of Stargate SG-1' s weakest episodes. When O'Neill is placed into the sarcophagus and Teal'c activates it, we see the left wing closing while the right remains stationary. Preceded by The name Hathor means “estate of Horus” and may not be her original name. This FAQ is empty. Her principal animal form was that of a cow, and she was strongly associated with motherhood. "Fire and Water" Femme Fatale: Hathor, even before the pheromones. You will cherish the good health and long life that goes with being... (switches to her Goa'uld voice) Hathor's first, new, Jaffa. After a few minor incidents between them, both sides were shocked by the disappearance of the Ancient Ony… It's certainly the silliest episode that wasn't intended by the producers to be silly. Description: Hathor is a very ancient goddess, dating to predynastic times. Hathor, in ancient Egyptian religion, goddess of the sky, of women, and of fertility and love. The banished Goa'uldHathoris found in an ancient Earth sarcophagus, and takes over the SGCwith hopes of raising a new army against the System Lords. Written by Roughly a year after these events, Queen Hathor and her people were on the verge of conflict with the Wolf Pack Nation, who had resettled on their ancestral lands-lands the Felidae claimed as their own. There have been over 7 billion episodes viewed on Episode so far, which adds up to over 97,000 years of combined viewing time! Hathor It shocked her too. The tub catches fire, killing the infant Goa'uld. Beginning in the New Kingdom, we can see Isis wearing the Horns & Disk crown of a Cow Goddess. They soon find Hathor in the locker room again, where she tells the Airmen to capture Carter and kill her to regain her retribution. Teal'c suggests they use the sarcophagus in the Gate room to heal him. Hathor stops the airmen, and sees O'Neill emerge from the sarcophagus, healthy again. After an ancient Goa'uld is revived, the temptress begins seducing all of the Stargate men. After she leaves, Carter, Fraiser and Teal'c remove him from the bath, and after checking the pouch, finds that no symbiotes made its way inside it. Part 1 … David Bennett Carren and J. Larry Carroll I know that this isn't a very popular episode but it is outrageous fun! Hathor's infiltration of Stargate Command, Stargate SG-1: The Complete Second Season, When dynastic rule began, as Horus was associated with the king, Hathor was with the queen. Original air date This is her audio diary, chronicling her life: dealing with aggressive colonists on freezing moons, investigating the … Fraiser: Don't worry about it. It was able to reverse everyone who was made a Jaffa, like Jack, when Hathor took the SGC. When archeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid in Mexico find a sarcophagus covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they accidentally release Hathor. Despite the lack of experience, she finds a website that says that all the sex goddess from various mythologies may be the same woman, included Greece's Aphrodite, Babylon's Ishtar, Syria's Astarte, and Rome's Ceres. "Hathor" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Stargate SG-1. 1.14 Sometimes Isis also has a small throne on top of the Horns & Disk. Once a Goa'uld with her own empire, Hathor originally ruled from her place of power on Ta-Netjer. ‎Somewhere in the wide expanse of the stars is a spaceship called Hathor 61. Believing Hathor is a threat, Carter suggests that they should neutralize her. The Goa'uld queen, Hathor, named after the Egyptian sex goddess, awakens after being discovered in her Sarcophagus in Mexico and makes her way to Stargate Command. Story by Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. She eventually entered into an alliance with Ra, becoming his queen.Ra, not wanting his queen to have her own base of power, forced her to leave Ta-Netjer for good to join him on Eart… Title: HATHOR. After they are surrounded, the women and Teal'c decide to stand down, who are then taken to the brig. This is to indicate that she is indeed Isis rather than Hathor. It is funny also to see the men without no recollections. However, all the males in the base are under Hathor's control and there is no one in the Control Room when. From The Stargate Omnipedia. Hathor later enters, and meets O'Neill again, who she learns was the one who killed Ra. Cast However, she suggests to remove the guards. Use the HTML below. Hathor was a solar deity, a feminine counterpart to sun gods such as Horus and Ra, and was a member of the divine entourage that accompanied Ra as he sailed through the sky in his barque. "The Quilt of Hathor: The Awakening" is the twentieth episode of the 1st season of Friday the 13th: The Series. There, they see Hathor rising from the bathtub, which is now filled with infant symbiotes. Jackson: A lot of that will probably be mine. Even though she could use a little conditioner. In the Hathor Material, a book I co-authored with Virginia Essene, here is how they introduced themselves: We are the Hathors. Hathor announces that he would become Hathor's new First Prime. They are interrupted by Teal'c, who believe him to be under Hathor's control. Series. They heard of Jackson's work and managed to track him down. Fraiser thinks that Hathor may be using some kind of chemical to influence the men. In Mexico, a team of archaeologists, which consists of Dr. Kleinhouse and Dr. Cole investigate a Mayan pyramid, which houses an ancient tomb. Carter: Okay. She then embraces O'Neill firmly. The bathtub Hathor uses to breed Goa'uld symbiotes is a hydrotherapy whirlpool bath, often used in the locker rooms of pro sports franchises as physical therapy for players recovering from injury or a strenuous outing. She is detained by base guards, and put in a cell. It isn't only Carter that is suspicious of Hathor, all of the females of the facility; including Dr. Janet Fraiser also notice. Season 1, Episode 14 Hathor. The plan works; they seduce and then subdue the guards, disarm them, and lock them up. They note that until recently, the Mexican government wouldn't allow them to investigate the tomb. O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter and Teal'c seems to reject the idea, but Hammond decides to go ahead with it, though he is persuaded to hide the Stargate by closing the blast door. Hathor is a Goa'uld who has taken on the persona of a powerful Egyptian goddess, awoken from a sleep that has lasted a millennium. Hathor: You, with the crown of marble! While she fires back, Fraiser is shot and wounded, as is Teal'c. The Goa'uld Hathor (one of the mothers of all Goa'uld), brainwashes the men of the SGC with pheromones, and nearly makes Jack a host to a larva conceived with Daniel. The women are able to subdue a few more men, including General Hammond, who is knocked out by Carter, who feels that once he recovers, her military career would be over. Bartimus believed t… As for Hathor: the Goa’uld queen may have only featured in a few episodes of Stargate SG-1 (“Hathor,” “Out of Mind,” and “Into the Fire”), but she remains one of the show’s most memorable characters and a fan favorite. She again ask him where Ra is, and after glowing her eyes, Jackson co-operates and tells her Ra is dead. Sam and Janet are the lead stars of this highly entertaining show. Now O'Neill is back, Fraiser and Teal'c go to the infirmary. This seems to have some sort of effect on Jackson. Jonathan Glassner At the cell, Carter realizes Hathor's powers are very advanced, since O'Neill has been given Special Forces training to repel mind control techniques, yet is now under Hathor's influence. She flees after the unaffected women of Stargate Command retake the facility. Sometime later, the sarcophagus makes its way into the Embarkation room of Stargate Command by the living members of the archaeology team in Mexico, who believed Cole and Kleinman were murdered by crypt robbers. Why do I get the feeling I don't like where this is going? Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'NeillMichael Shanks as Dr. Daniel JacksonAmanda Tapping as Captain Samantha CarterChristopher Judge as Teal'cDon S. Davis as Major General George S. Hammond As she explains her actions, Hammond tells her that he is putting her and Fraiser in for commendation; even though she knocked him out, he congratulates her, and if it weren't for her actions, Stargate Command, and Earth would face certain doom. Hathor is an Online B2B marketplace platform which empowers healthcare industry by providing best technology practices to enable procurement services for medicines, medical and non- medical consumables and services. They open the sarcophagus, where a woman rises. Why wasn’t Hathor’s Belt used to save Teal’c, Rya’c, and the Amazons (Hak'tyl Resistance)? When she realizes O'Neill is human again, she uses her hand device at the sarcophagus, before leaving the room. In the infirmary, Hammond confronts Carter. "Stargate SG-1" Hathor (TV Episode 1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The second she leaves Earth, all the men are quickly snapped out of their trance, and are returned to normal; there must be some kind of proximity to her influence. Good ol' Hathor, the first female Goa'uld to have a speaking part on the series. Main cast How can the women win such powerful opponent? She wishes Jackson to be her "chosen one", her pharaoh, and with the power of suggestion, Jackson says that he will honor, and even die for her. In the guest quarters, Jackson learns that Hathor is a Goa'uld Queen, where she creates the Goa'uld. In Episode, your choices decide the path of your story. Hathor kills the archaeologists after realizing they aren't Goa'uld. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Cole discovers that the sarcophagus somehow contains Egyptian hieroglyphs, in a Mayan temple, and it has the symbols of the Egyptian goddess Hathor. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill recognize this from Abydos, since they could bring people back from the dead. Thinking she isn't a threat, Jackson decides to remove her restraints. Directed by Brad Turner. The viewer can see Jack, Hammond and Daniel to a point, try to resist Hathor's pheromones. Given the physical demands that are placed on off-world teams, it makes sense that the, The pink pheromone from Hathor's breath would later be revealed as being similar to, When Hathor escapes through the Stargate, a male voice announces that the Stargate is in use on the PA system. Was this review helpful to you? They circle her, and Hammond orders the women to stand down. October 24, 1997 Masha and The Bear. They then free Teal'c, and decide to return to the locker room. While Jackson, still under her influence looks in disbelief, unknown to them, Hathor actually leaves, using the energy shield of her Kara Kesh to escape unscathed leaving while everyone is concentrating on the stunned Jackson. Directed by O'Neill: Sex, drugs and rock and roll? She begins to exert her influence on the men of the base in order to start building her new Jaffa army. Before she could use it again to attack O'Neill, Carter quickly gets up and shoots her several times with her sidearm. The daughter and bride of Ra, Hathor was a Goa'uld queen imprisoned in a sarcophagus in South America for thousands of years. He also learns that she wants Jackson's DNA, through sexual reproduction to create more Goa'uld. Hathor (Stargate) Episode: s02e22 Out of Mind; Summary. They cannot say, as the information is on a "need to know" basis. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Once inside, she uses her physical charms and a druglike pink smoke to seduce the men and enlist them in he… The first in a series of Sam/Jack fics, based on individual episodes. Hathor and Isis: The Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. O'Neill attempts to avoid her, but after using the pink mist again, O'Neill complies with her wishes. Somewhere in the wide expanse of that spaceship is a girl called Mel. Furthermore, she somehow knows of the Stargate's existence. Hathor: Do not worry yourself. Under her uniform is a glowing device on her belly. At the very beginning the Mayan pyramid is identified by subtitles as the. O'Neill: Ew. Jackson: In a manner of speaking, yes. Jackson: Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety and music. My vote is nine.Title (Brazil): "Hathor". When she notices that the Human males are acting strangely, Carter questions Hammond's orders. Just before this you can see the visual distortion of the flames from the energy shield and the subtle sound it makes. We are your elder brothers and sisters. Captain Carter assumes the command and together with Dr. Janet Fraiser and the other women in the base, they organize to retake the base. The IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed 2020 movies. She declares Jackson to be her beloved, and after using the pink mist again, they kiss. O'Neill: Richard Dean Anderson. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She then puts an unconscious O'Neill into the bathtub, and leaves him to allow a symbiote into his pouch.