Grimaldi Lines Inc is a dedicated supplier of integrated shipping and logistics services. Schedules subject to changes without notice. The Grimaldi News is the quarterly newsletter published in English and with a circulation of 38,000 copies, dedicated to maritime freight links offered by the Grimaldi Group. Grimaldi Group SpA Sede legale Palermo - Via Emerico Amari n°8 | Capitale Sociale: €150.000.000,00 | C.F. In the last few years, the Grimaldi Group has expanded its maritime services to provide worldwide logistics with a strong maritime base. You can track your Marine Container, Terminal (gate), Vehicle Transport, Shipping line Cargo, Import General Manifest (IGM), Freight, Export General Manifest (EGM), Logistics, Point to Point, Port to Port, Vessel Schedule information instantly 24/7 through online Grimaldi Container tracker system. Follow us. All Rights Reserved. It is a multinational firm with its headquarters in London, UK. Grimaldi Group specialises in maritime services like operation of on/off roll vessels and ferries. Grimaldi Software Project - CM 2002 - Schedule … Download schedules as Excel spreadsheet. South America has historically been a market of paramount importance for the Group and one in which the demand for break-bulk, Ro/Ro, containerised, project and oversized cargo transport has been perfectly served by Grimaldi's flexible fleet of large Ro/Ro-Multipurpose and Ro/Ro-Container vessels. Its clients include leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide. PIDA SU DRIVER CARD. PROJECT CARGO REQUEST; NEWSBROCHURE. DESCARGA EL CATÁLOGO DE CARGA . This section enables you to choose the region you wish to operate in, and then browse the different routes available; including stops and timing between each port. It was established in 1947. e Reg. e Registro Imprese di Palermo: 00117240820 | P.IVA: IT 00117240820 Sloman Neptun Schedule Sullivan Maritime provides a multitude of global routes in the shipping sector. Grimaldi Group © 2015 Grimaldi Group SpA - Sede legale Palermo - Via Emerico Amari n°8 - Capitale sociale € 150.000.000,00 - C.F. Interactive Vessel Schedules . Más info. VER VÍDEO . Grimaldi Group SpA Sede legale Palermo - Via Emerico Amari 8 Capitale sociale € 150.000.000,00 C.F. Welcome to Grimaldi Cargo . Últimas Noticias: NUEVAS LÍNEAS GRIMALDI DE TARANTO A GÉNOVA Y DE TARANTO A CATANIA. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Web Linkage Policy BCP Disclosure Catálogo de carga. imprese di Palermo: 00117240820 P.IVA IT 00117240820 Download schedules as Excel spreadsheet. Video Corporate. Copyright © 2021 ACL Cargo. e Reg. Driver Card. POTENCIADA LA LINEA BARCELONA-SAVONA. Note: Banjul Cargo to be booked via Dakar first call T/S Schedules subject to changes without notice.