Weapon Victors' Village in District 4 Mags' portrait shown on the second night. She and Finnick begin to weave objects with big sharp blades of grass while Katniss hunts for water and food. "Mags Arthur." She was going to be the mentor that year (67 ADD) but she was still mourning the loss of her own granddaughter. The, the tornado stops, and then Romulus Templesmith congratulates the winner. Mags is the only known victor to be married before the 75th Hunger Games, as Annie, Finnick, Peeta and Katniss got married after. Realizing that they would be killed by the fog if they could not move faster, Mags kissed Finnick and courageously sacrificed herself by walking straight into the fog so Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta could live. Catching Fire (film) 1st Day: 8 deaths. "Well then, lets meet your district partner!" Appearances With Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Home When the spile is sent from the sponsors, she wonders what its use could be. She is described as being a nice lady, pretty much acting like a nice grandma, even though she wasn't even close do being old. 5 BHG Mags Flanagan Mags's actor, Lynn Cohen, died at age 86 on Feburary 14, 2020. She made easy friends with Katniss, who admired the old woman for her bravery and selflessness. Cohen began acting on the stage in the late 1970s before hitting the screen in 1983's Without a Trace. The upcoming Hunger Games prequel movie is set to focus on President Snow's origin story, but the untold story of Hunger Games champion Mags would be a much more interesting topic. The character, played by Lynn Cohen in Catching Fire, marked the oldest competitor in the 75 th Hunger Games event.Despite being 80-years-old, she emerged as a fierce ally for Katniss Everdeen until realizing her group was better off without her. She was carried by Finnick most of the time as she wasn't able to walk very fast. Later, a tornado come, destroying everything in it's path, and killing the rest of the remaining tributes, except for Mags, who was smart enough to make a small shelter. Katniss is a slave in Peeta's household. She was the first victor to embark on a victory tour, as the victors before her were simply transported home after their victories such as with Lucy Gray. She cooked it, and proceeded on her way. Later, it is discovered that Mags was part of an even bigger alliance (including at least 12 tributes) that was set on keeping Peeta and Katniss alive. Age "Mags," I say. "Congratulations on volunteering for the Hunger Games! Catching Fire https://34th-hunger-games.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Insights/popularpages, https://34th-hunger-games-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Mags_Flanagan?oldid=6678, She has a granddaughter that participates in. Lynn Cohen, best known for playing Magda on Sex and The City, has died. Mags died on the second day of the Quarter Quell. Lets give her a hand, folks," she says to the crowd. She volunteered to save Annie, clearly knowing she was not going to survive, and willingly walked to her death to allow Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta to escape the poison fog in the arena without being burdened by her, sacrificing herself without hesitation to protect them so that they would survive (and go on to help the rebellion). Female Date of Birth Deceased Gender Lynn Cohen, Actress: Munich. Mags, an eighty-year-old woman, volunteered for the 75th Hunger Games in the place of Annie Cresta, becoming a tribute alongside Finnick Odair, whom she mentored in the 65th Hunger Games and (according to the book and film) practically raised. From that time on, Lynn (a native of Kansas City, Missouri) enjoyed a long and fruitful career spanning almost six decades. I got this video by download it, i just wanna share it, hope you like it :) Once time, Katniss has a nightmare about her turning into a mutt and eating her. Clove (Hunger Games) Brutus (Hunger Games) Mags (Hunger Games) Lavinia (Hunger Games) Rue (Hunger Games) Slavery; Age-Gap Everlark; Summary. "Oh," is all Lillianna says, clearly confused. Occupation 34th Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. She and Peeta are not alarmed by the twelve bells rung during the night as they were asleep when the event occurred. She was presumably the first victor to move to the Victor’s Village directly after their games, as the idea was first implemented in the 11th Hunger Games. When the fog started on day 2, she sacrificed herself so they fog would stop hurting her team. Old She later ate some nuts from trees, and Katniss thought they were poisonous, but Finnick later let Mags eat them, in order to see if they were or not. The top half of it was a lighter blue and had sparkles on it while the bottom half was a duller and darker blue, much like Finnick's. She usually traveled on Finnicks back during all of this time. 4 When Katniss meets her, Mags is 80-years-old. Her skill with fish hooks and other natural skills she likely acquired from living in District 4 probably played a role in her victory. D&D Beyond This skill, plus the fact that she volunteered to take Annie Cresta's place, made Katniss want Mags to be one of her allies in the arena. When the fog damaged Peeta's legs and rendered him unable to walk, Katniss carried Mags as she was unable to help Peeta, but Katniss was also affected by the fog, and Finnick was unable to carry both Peeta and Mags. Mags made fish hook out of bark, and caught a fish with it. She was 86. Mags joined hands with the other tributes after the final interview, displaying unity among the districts. She mentored Annie in the 65th Hunger Games, as well as Finnick Odair, and is close to them for this reason. After Raff Lockhearst wins, Mags and Raff become good freinds. However, in the film, she isn't seen with a cane. Book Appearances A young Mags was portrayed by Grace Kull. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 opens in theaters on November 20th. She is reputed to be a lovely woman. It’s unknown who her spouse is and whether or not she had children. During this year, she mentors Finnick to victory. The 66th MentoringCapitol Couture Eyes on Fire - The 26th Hunger GamesCatching FireMockingjay The 66th Victor The 11th Hunger Games is one of the earliest recorded Hunger Games to have occurred before the First Quarter Quell.This Games took place 63 years prior to the start of the Hunger Games series. It is possible she also mentored Annie Cresta or at the very least played a role in her training/preparation as a possible career tribute for the 70th Hunger Games. Written by Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games series evolved from a Battle Royale-style sci-fi fight to the death into a sprawling, engaging saga of survival, endurance, and community. Annie too would go on to become victor of her respective games, but at a great psychological cost due to the nature of her district partner's death during the games. While in training for the third Quarter Quell, Katniss watched as Mags displayed her skill of being able to make fishhooks out of nearly anything. Finnick and Mags are flung back when Peeta walks into the force field, due to the force in which Peeta is thrust back in. At some point after her games, she got married as she was seen wearing a wedding ring on her left hand. January 20, 2021 - 17:45 GMT Brandi Fowler Lady Gaga surprised fans when she wore a glam dress to Joe Biden’s inauguration that came complete with a Hunger Games … Learn More. She has difficulty running in the arena (Finnick carries her on his back) and she also has difficulty speaking, which Katniss attributes to … The Hunger Games Prequel The Ballad of Songbirds And Snakes Getting Film Adaptation With Series Director Francis Lawrence ... Magazines & More. Instead, it was that of Finnick's lady love, Annie Cresta, but Mags takes her place — most likely due to Annie's emotional instability. 16 (when she won the Games)31 (during the 26th Games)71 (the 66th Mentoring80 (Catching Fire) Lynn CohenGrace Kull. 2nd Day: 2 deaths. Family Its also noteworthy that the tributes this year were all 15 years or older. She's seen is very quiet, kind, nice, and gentle. 1 11th Hunger Games 2 14th Games 3 26th Games 4 65th Games 5 The 66th Mentoring 6 75th Hunger Games 7 Mockingjay 8 Trivia She worked alone, which was odd, since she was from a career district. For now, check out Mags’ posters below. When Johanna Mason states that Mags was half of Finnick's family because she was his mentor, Katniss feels great remorse. Share Share Tweet Email Comment She didn't do this because she thought she could win, its so she could save Annie. 4th Day: 3 deaths. In the film, Mags dies in much the same manner, although Finnick at first doesn't realize what she's doing and tries frantically to call her back, staring after her in grief as her cannon sounds. Young Described to be in her eighties, Mags was the oldest tribute in the 75th Hunger Games, while Woof was the second oldest. Mags had the ability to make fishhooks out of anything, and weave baskets so well that they could float in water without any leaking in. While competing in the Quarter Quell, Mags joined an alliance with Katniss and Peeta. During the 65th Hunger Games, she served as mentor to Finnick Odair, who went on to become the youngest victor in the history of the Hunger Games at the age of 14. Mags was a pivotal piece of the original Hunger Games, though perhaps didn’t have as much narrative focus fleshing out her character as some might have hoped for. Fate The 9th Hunger Games was the Hunger Game where Mags wins. Portrayed by But Internet users saw only one thing: the “Mockingjay” pin from the book and film series The Hunger Games. She would be successful in mentoring 3 more male victors from her district after the 11th hunger games. During the Games, she sided up with Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta. Mags meeting Katniss wearing her wedding ring during training. If you're a huge The Hunger Games fan, then you already know how painful it was to watch Rue get killed by Marvel back in 2012 and viewers are still feeling it years later. 1 Biography 1.1 11th Hunger Games 1.2 Between the Games 1.3 75th Hunger Games 1.3.1 Interview 1.3.2 Death 2 Personality 3 Skills 4 Trivia 5 References At the age of 16, Mags became the first victor of District 4. Silence. Mags is deeply saddened when the first day of the games is over and the faces of tributes who have died are shown at night, suggesting she was close to some of the bloodbath fatalities. Mags offers Katniss how to make a fish hook in exchange to learn archery. An advertisement for the 11th Victory tour, the Hunger Games in which Mags won. She won her Games at the age of 16, and is from District 4. 16 (11th Hunger Games)80 (75th Hunger Games) Finnick spent several hours of the night grieving for her. This year, she was the mentor of both tributes this year. She worked alone, which was odd, since she was from a career district. Mags was so old when she volunteered, she "needed a cane to walk to the stage" as noted by Katniss. He won The 39th Hunger Games at age 17. She died on February 14, 2020 in New York City, New York, USA. Jan 06, 2021 As a passionate fan tweeted, "Let me get this straight: There's a prequel to THE HUNGER GAMES--set in the time of MAGS' Hunger Games. FishhookAwl As her District's first victor, Mags went on to serve as a mentor for scores of District 4 tributes in the years that followed her victory. Katniss is alarmed as they don't know if the nuts are poisonous, but Finnick allows her to since he believes she knows what she's doing. Jan 05, 2021 As a passionate fan tweeted, "Let me get this straight: There's a prequel to THE HUNGER GAMES--set in the time of MAGS' Hunger Games. Directed by Francis Lawrence. Finnick did not even talk about Mags' death for the whole night. Mags Flanagan is a a victor of The 11th Hunger Games, and a tribute in the 3rd Quarter Quell. -Beetee being talked about by Katniss in Catching Fire Beetee Latier is a victor from District 3. A former mentor to Finnick Odair, Mags is an eighty year old Hunger Games victor from District 4. He is one of the brightest minds in all of Panem. 3rd Day: No deaths. She was married to Ronald Theodore Cohen and Gilbert Laman Frazen. The actress, who also appeared as Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, … Katniss and Peeta in the era of Classical Rome. She was an actress, known for Munich (2005), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) and The Cobbler (2014). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. District She placed 15th. In one of the film places they used to shoot the first film, there were many pillars showing the names of each victor that won a Hunger Games. Mags was noted by Haymitch to be a wonderful lady and showed herself to be kind, friendly, selfless, and very brave, as well as pragmatic. Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE are pleased to announce that Lynn Cohen has been cast in the role of Mags in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel Catching Fire. Movie Appearances https://twitter.com/nousmodels/status/668935007990210562, https://thehungergames.fandom.com/wiki/Mags_Flanagan?oldid=923888. Also, her odds of winning were 15-1. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem. At the age of 16, Mags became the first victor of District 4. "Beetee is probably about a million times smarter than the rest of us." Katniss asks if she can fish with it, but she could not, and is enlightened when they discover it gets water from trees. When Katniss throws some nuts at the force field to determine where it is, Mags eats a mouthful of them. Mags Flanagan is a a victor of The 11th Hunger Games, and a tribute in the 3rd Quarter Quell. When the acid fog was emitted, Finnick carried her while she was sleeping. The new Hunger Games book will center on the reconstruction period known as the Dark Days that took place following the First Rebellion, the civil war that was fought between the districts and the Capitol 75 years prior to the start of The Hunger Games trilogy. She was alsothe victor of the 11th Hunger Games. Victor (11th Hunger Games)MentorTribute (75th Hunger Games) Lynn Cohen, who portrayed District 4's Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, died on Friday, Feb. 14.She was 86 years old. She clearly loved Finnick and Annie, as it was noted she basically raised Finnick, having mentored him and likely Annie as well. She was also the victor of the 11th Hunger Games. As expected, her name showed up on one of the pillars there, along with the other victors from her district. Mags Flanagan was the female tribute from District 4 during the 75th Hunger Games, for which she volunteered for Annie Cresta. She mumbled every time she spoke; Katniss believes it is because of a possible stroke she may have had in the past. Like a family! She won her Games at the age of 16, and is from District 4. Josh Hutcherson and his Hunger Games costars still have a close relationship, five years after the final film hit theaters. Mags Flanagan was one of the most compelling tributes featured in the first Hunger Games sequel, especially because she never spoke a word. He also participated in The 75th Hunger Games and left alive, being rescued by District 13. Lynn Harriette Cohen (née Kay; August 10, 1933 – February 14, 2020) was an American actress known for her roles in film, television and theater.She was especially known for her role as Magda in the HBO series Sex and the City, which she also played in the 2008 film of the same name and its 2010 sequel, and for portraying Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Mockingjay Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lynn CohenGrace Kull (Young) Lynn Cohen was born on August 10, 1933 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Lynn Harriette Kay. Age When Annie Cresta is reaped for the Games, she volunteers to take her place. Mags Mags Flanaganwas the female tribute from District 4 during the 75th Hunger Games, for which she volunteered for Annie Cresta. After Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Well, Mags," Lillianna says to me in her strangely accented voice. Mags has appeared in the following books: Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) The cause of death was not disclosed. In the arena, (which was a forest), they had golden deer, moose, and squirrels there.They were intended to be mutts, but they don't kill anyone. Later, she is seen in several scenes, but Katniss really notices her in the training center, and sees her training at the archery station with Finnick. There is a 10-year gap in age between them. The Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. 5th Day: 1 death. Portrayed by In the third book she is shown to be such a forgiving woman, knowing that the Games turn you into something you're not. Unnamed sonUnnamed daughter-in-lawKailey (granddaughter)Unnamed grandson The victor was sixteen-year-old Mags Flanagan of District 4.Not much else is known about these Games. During the interviews in the film adaptation, she wore a sea blue dress which touched the floor. WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem during the inauguration of U.S. ... [+] President-elect Joe Biden on the West Front of … Mags' name wasn't actually drawn for the 75th Hunger Games. Katniss described Mags as "falling to the ground in a horrible dance" when she was dying and Katniss honored Mags for her bravery. Book Mentioned It is possible that she might have had a role in starting District 4's version of training career tributes for the Hunger Games, similar to District 1 and 2. Lynn Cohen, the actress known for playing Mags in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, has sadly passed away at the age of 86, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today. When she returns, they have made a hut and bowls.