Management of the BIS. BIS Quarterly Review for December 2019:Easing trade tensions support risky assets - Markets swing on trade and monetary policy - This Quarterly Review discusses how a renewed risk-on phase and loose financial conditions raised questions about the sustainability of asset valuations. CO sempre posposto, in una sequenza indica il quarto elemento, dopo quello indicato come ter: articolo ventisette quater {{line}} {{/line}} ETIMO: lat. ter [ˈkwɔ:təʳ, Am ˈkwɔ:rt̬ɚ] VERB trans. CO sempre posposto, in una sequenza indica il quarto elemento, dopo quello indicato come ter: articolo ventisette quater {{line}} {{/line}} ETIMO: lat. to quarter sb HIST. How can I go about accomplishing my desired output? Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is … Quality: adv. 964d-964h»] Gliederungstitel vor Art. Übersetzung Latein-Deutsch für ter im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! is the number one paste tool since 2002. If more articles are squeezed in after 43.bis but before article 44, they will be called "Article 43.ter", "Article 43.quater" (not "quaRter"), "Article 43.quinquies" and "Article … quater propr. August 1998, Nr. How to transfer bitcoin? I don't think most French people realize they are Latin! 964d, 964e, 964f, 964g und 964h = Art. Ristori, Bis, Ter e Quater. . Last Update: 2017-02-14 to quarter sb HIST. Why do trolleybuses power cables use DC and not AC? 964i = Art. It also includes features analysing the results of the 2019 Triennial Survey. Aktienrecht Nationalrat Frühjahrssession 2020 Geltendes Recht Beschluss des Nationalrates Watch Queue Queue in order to determine:(a) If the test of appurtenance is satisfied by the coastal State;(b) Which portions of the outer limits of the continental shelf are determined by each of the formulae and constraint lines . bis mīliēs ‚zweitausendmal‘ 3 000 tria mīlia / trīna mīlia ‚dreitausend‘ ter mīllēsimus ‚dreitausendster‘ trīna mīlia ‚je dreitausend‘ ter mīliēs ‚dreitausendmal‘ 4 000 quattuor mīlia / quaterna mīlia ‚viertausend‘ quater mīllēsimus ‚viertausendster‘ quaterna mīlia ‚je viertausend‘ ter. Is praying in tongues to God in a private setting scripturally supported by 1 Corinthians 14:2? So as not to renumber all subsequent articles, the new article inserted after (say) Article 43 is called "Article 43.bis". 964f von Erlass 1 [mit Anpassung der Verweise «Art. Val. Last Update: 2017-02-11 (Del lat. Strada statale 4 Via Salaria starts Northeast of Rome, just outside the Aurelian Walls, where until 1921 Porta Salaria was located to control access to the city. English. 964d . 964j . Entities producing or distributing water and set up pursuant to the Code communal, article 147 bis, ter et quater sur les régies communales. E quali sono i nuovi Codici Ateco che possono accedere alle agevolazioni? = „wie viele?“ lat. The MWE that follows is my non-working example that I am trying to edit to accomplish the desired output. 964j . I nuovi Stati membri che si sono avvalsi della facoltà prevista all'articolo 143 ter quater, paragrafo 2, del regolamento (CE) n. 1782/2003 conservano, conformemente alla decisione adottata nel 2007: Where a new Member State has made use of the option provided for in Article 143bc(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003 shall retain, in accordance with its decision of 2007: 2.3 Nella proposta della Commissione l'allineamento del regolamento (CE) n. 485/2008 con l'articolo 290 del TFUE trova riscontro in particolare nel nuovo articolo 1, paragrafo 2, e nei due nuovi articoli 13 bis, ter e quater del regolamento proposto. But they are often used in French house numbers, for example (although as Xuxl says, hardly ever past "ter"). How should I compare different basis sets for post-Hartree-Fock methods? Latein: semel bis ter quater quinquies sexies septies octies novies decies undecies duodecies centies milies - einmal zweimal dreimal viemal . to be quartered with sb. 964a, 964b, 964c, 964d und 964e von Erlass 1 Art. Übersetzung Latein-Deutsch für ter im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Cosa prevedono? Quality: Articolo 28 bis, ter, quater, quinquies, sexies, septies, octies, nonies. This video is unavailable. Es sind typischerweise nachträglich in eine vorhandene Struktur eingefügte Absätze oder … 964d-964h»] Gliederungstitel vor Art. etw vierteln. The initial stretch of SS 4 is more similar to an urban road than to a highway, as the area has now become densely populated and buildings have been raised by the roadside. ter agg.inv., lat. Is there a theoretical possibility of having a full computer on a silicon wafer instead of a motherboard? la densità minima di piante di cotone di cui all’articolo 171 bis ter; the minimum cotton plant density referred to in Article 171ab; Last Update: 2014-11-21 In any case, I don't know what's the way the arabic numbers in front of bis and such is incremented. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. The remaining amended Articles contain the references or procedures resulting from Articles 69a, 69b, 69c, and Article 71. 2.3 In the Commission proposal, alignment of Regulation No 485/2008 with Article 290 TFEU is addressed specifically in new Articles 1(2), 13a, 13b and 13c of the proposed regulation. 91) Finanzbestimmungen in Zusammenhang mit dem Nachtragshaushalt des Landes Südtirol für das Finanzjahr 1998 und für den Dreijahreshaushalt 1998-2000 und andere Gesetzesbestimmungen 1 März 2019 Nichteintreten 16.077 - 2 - 5 16.077 n OR. (Del lat. Ter significa ‘tres veces’, y, en una serie ordenada, puede añadirse al nombre de un número entero tras el que se ha introducido un número bis. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. A chi spetta il fondo perduto? Usage Frequency: 2 The figure that follows illustrates the desired output. However, there are some sections that were inserted last-minute prior to printing, so the typesetter at the time (I assume) used the Latin suffixes "bis" and "ter" for inserting the new sections (1 bis, 1 … ALM-Clubbing Feiern auf 2 Ebenen mit wechselnden DJ´s und Partys. Overview. jdn irgendwo unterbringen. L'importo totale dei pagamenti non deve in nessun caso essere superiore al massimale stabilito conformemente all'articolo 64, paragrafo 2, o all'articolo 143 ter quater. Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. Watch Queue Queue Argon.. v. 399. vacua nam lapsus ab arbore parvum Te quater ardenti tergô… Bedeutungen: [1] Adverbialzahl, nicht flektierbar: viermal. In any case, I don't know what's the way the arabic numbers in front of bis and such is incremented. Verbtabelle anzeigen. PCT – The International Patent System; Madrid – The International Trademark System; Hague – The International Design System; Lisbon – The International System of Geographical Indications bis, tris, quater: Explanation: A Spanish laws are amended over time, new articles get shoehorned in between existing articles. ., Zahlenworte, Latein kostenlos online lernen Quater definition, (in prescriptions) four times. In this case, we can create a macro, and pass \value{equation} as argument. add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. quattro volte quáter. A granted patent may be limited on request by the owner basing on art. 12 Beispiele aus dem Internet. - are there better solutions? = „wie viele?“ lat. Hilf mit, sie auszubauen! The agreed paragraphs are then numbered … . Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. In this case, we can create a macro, and pass \value{equation} as argument. Zahl-zeichen (römisch) XI = 11 XII = 12 XIII = 13 XIV = 14 XV = 15 XVI = 16 XVII = 17 XVIII = 18 XIX = 19 XX = 20 Kardinalzahlen quot? \ifcase#1\or\or bis\or ter\or quater\or quinquies\or sexies\or septies\or octies\or novies\or decies\fi By substituting #1 by the number you want. 964. ter, 964. quater. I massimali di bilancio per il 2008, di cui all'articolo 143 ter quater, paragrafi 1 e 2, secondo comma, del regolamento (CE) n. The budgetary ceilings for 2008 referred to in Article 143bc(1) and the second subparagraph of Article 143bc(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003 are listed in Annex VII to this Regulation. Essi consistono nell'aggiunta dei nuovi articoli 34 bis, ter, quater e 36 bis. Reference: Entities producing or distributing water set up pursuant to the code communal, article 47 bis, ter et quater … 964a – 964e » werden zu «Art. bis, Art. Flaccus, l. 1. Reference: 7-ter, 7-quater, 7-quinquies, 7-bis) mindestens die Anmerkung „inversione contabile – Umkehr der MwSt. The introduction of Articles 42a, 42b, and 42c in the 4th Directive will feed through to the 7th Directive because of the cross references between the two Directives. Or may be not necessarily inside a theorem like environment, but just a few equations, you can use the {latintags} environment to group them: Perhaps the following set of commands might be something you're interested in: frequation uses a new "tag form" (supplied using mathtools) that adds a "number string". um lateinische Begriffe handelt, würde ich das sprachübergreifend im Deutschen so lassen (Ibnatulbadia hat da völlig Recht). Make an Impact. quater quà | ter agg.inv., lat. to quarter oneself on sb. Usage Frequency: 2 Gli altri articoli modificati includono i riferimenti o le modalità giustificate dall'introduzione degli articoli 69 bis, ter, quater e 71. Ristori, Bis, Ter e Quater. Reference: Willkommen im Quater 1 – Ihre Eventlocation in Köln! bis, tris, quater: Explanation: A Spanish laws are amended over time, new articles get shoehorned in between existing articles. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Pursuant to the Maribel bis/ter decision, Belgium has terminated the scheme and replaced it by a new scheme known as Maribel quater. Die Strada Statale 45 ter (kurz SS 45 ter) oder Gardesana Occidentale ist eine italienische Staatsstraße, die zur Verbindung zwischen der SS 45 bis bei Fibbia und der SS 237 bei Pompegnino dient. Estos dos adverbios numerales son relativamente habituales y forman parte de nuestro vocabulario jurídico pero, ¿qué sucede a … storing-data. Please see the edited Question - I have tried to clarify the intent of my aim with this numbering. Pomodori - articolo 143 ter quater, paragrafo 1 | | 869 | 509 |, Tomatoes - Article 143bc(1) | | 869 | 509 |. Last Update: 2017-02-11 Usage Frequency: 2 L'introduzione degli articoli 42 bis, ter e quater nella quarta direttiva si ripercuoterà automaticamente sulla settima direttiva per via dei riferimenti incrociati tra le due direttive.