Per informazioni generali: 0372-495011 72-73. Se desideri continuare ad utilizzarli premi il … Zona pastorale 1. J.D. Per informazioni o riferimenti relativi alla Diocesi di Cremona è possibile visitare il portale diocesano Ughelli IV, pp. 78-79. Schwartz, p. 111. Following the death of Bishop Bonizo, there was a contested election, with Guiczardus de Persico obtaining the majority of votes. G. Hanauer, "Das Bereufspodestat im dreizehnten Jahrhundert," in: Sanclemente, pp. The commune of Cremona was abolished by Azzo Visconti in 1334. [46], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}45°08′00″N 10°02′00″E / 45.1333°N 10.0333°E / 45.1333; 10.0333, Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Milan, Cf. 21-22: "Nulla reperio monumenta, quae ad posteriorem aetatem [quam 842] spectent, quaeque idonea sint ad annum Panchoardi emortualem definiendum.". Campori had been named a cardinal on 19 September 1616. Pagina aperta della Chiesa cremonese curata dalla redazione di TeleRadio Cremona Cittanova He had been an Abbreviator of Apostolic Letters. La diocesi di Cremona (in latino: Dioecesis Cremonensis) è una sede della Chiesa cattolica in Italia suffraganea dell' arcidiocesi di Milano appartenente alla regione ecclesiastica Lombardia. The right of the Chapter of Cremona to elect its bishop was ended.[38]. 741 talking about this. He subscribed the synodical letter sent to the. He was named Bishop of Cremona on 16 March 1523 by, Sfondrati was named a cardinal on 19 December 1544. Eubel III, p. 53. CV of Bishop Napolioni: Diocesi di Cremona, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, "Gerardo da Sesso, Legato apostolico al tempo di Innocenzo III,", "Lib. Via Cabral laterale di Viale c. Colombo 47042 Cesenatico (FC) Tel 0547. "In commisi nobis pastoralis officii regimine, illud inter alias animi nostri sollicitudines consideramus attente, quod propter bonae memoriae Reverendissimorum Dominorum praedecessorum nostrorum in episcopatu praedicto, ab eodem diutinam ultra annos septuaginta absentiam, nonnulkla ita in clero et populo Cremonae adeo in sinistrum deflexerunt, et eis operae pretium est salubri, et necessaria reformatione, et correctione succurere....". [needs update][3]. A notarized set of minutes of the proceedings survives, and has been published by Sanclemente, pp. Guasco: Ritzler and Sefrin V, p. 176 with note 6. [29] The prelimary meeting to summon electors to a meeting to elect his successor met on 15 February 1313, and fixed 17 February as the day of the election. Savini." Petrus died on 15 October 1383. Coronavirus, il vescovo di Cremona monsignor Napolioni ricoverato per accertamenti. [16] Bishop Landulfus was not able to reoccupy his episcopal seat until around 1010. 604),, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Articles with German-language sources (de), Wikipedia articles in need of updating from October 2020, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with Latin-language sources (la), Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Emmanuel, O.Cist. Unfortunately, Pope Clement V died on 20 April 1314, before the impasse was resolved. He died in Cremona on 4 February 1643. Bartolomeo Platina, the papal scriptor, Librarian of the Vatican Library, and noted author of papal biographies, who was born in the village of Piadena (Platina), seven miles east of Cremona, styled himself Cremonensis. 25 PARROCCHIE A Cremona Ecco l'elenco delle parrocchie e chiese a Cremona. Litta: Ritzler and Sefrin V, p. 176 with note 7. [28], Bishop Raynerius de Casulo died two or three days before Christmas 1312. Its purpose was (1) to proclaim generally the various decrees already issued by the bishop; (2) to discuss and ratify measures on which the bishop chose to consult with his clergy; (3) to publish statutes and decrees of the diocesan synod, of the provincial synod, and of the Holy See. Via Mantova 113 (Cremona) ... Diocesi di Cremona. La Diocesi di Cremona, attraverso l’Ufficio diocesano per la pastorale della salute, si mette a disposizione – attraverso un numero telefonico dedicato – di tutti coloro che nell’emergenza coronavirus sentono la necessità di un sostegno di carattere spirituale. Sanclemente, p. 133. Pagina aperta della Chiesa cremonese curata dalla redazione di TeleRadio Cremona Cittanova (1 May 1167 – 27 February 1168), Giovanni Buono de Geroldi (1248–1249) (bishop-elect), Alessandro Maria Litta (1718–1749 Resigned), Carlo Emmanuelle Sardagna de Hohenstein (1831–1837 Resigned), Filippini, E. (2001), "Il vescovo Sicardo di Cremona (1185-1215) e la fondazione del monastero di San Giovanni del Deserto," in, Gualazzini, U. [7], On 21 September 603, Cremona, until then a part of the Byzantine Empire, was captured by the Lombard king, Agilulf and copmpletely destroyed. Ritzler and Sefrin V, p. 175 with note 3. Per inviare articoli e foto: Walfrid was a native of Modena. Casa della Comunicazione - Via Stenico, 3 - 26100 Cremona Per inviare articoli e foto: Per comunicare variazioni di orari Messe e aggiornamenti di ParrocchieMap: Per informazioni generali: 0372-495011 Leggi la policy di [35] Conditions in Cremona at the time are revealed in a letter to the Abbess and nuns of the monastery of Cistello, just outside the walls of Cremona, dated 6 October 1319; he commiserates with the nuns over the fact that they have been forced to abandon their monastery because of the incursions of hostile persons, and take up residence inside the city in houses of private individuals. On the other hand Emperor Henry V (1106–25) restored to the people their communal rights. Cremona 1975 (. Salutis LXXXVI., a quo fertur dicta Ecclesia S. Offredi Ambrosini was born in Cremona in 1750, of a distinguished family; his father, Gianpaolo Offredini Ambrosini was a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire. [39] In 1328, the Emperor Louis the Bavarian seized Cremona. Cappelletti XII, p. 136-142. [36] In 1322, Duke Galeazzo Visconti seized Cremona. Bickering began immediately. [14] His ill-treatment of the monks roused the anger of the citizens of Cremona, who had already twice suffered under the invasion of German imperial armies. In 1182. DIOCESI DI CREMA Piazza Duomo, 27 - 26013 Crema CR - P.iva 91001960193 tel. [45], The Diocese of Cremona provides a list of its bishops on its official web site. Cappelletti XII, p. 200, repeats Sanclemente. Croce: Ritzler and Sefrin V, p. 176 with note 5. In 1702 it was taken by imperial troops, and in 1796 and 1800 fell into the hands of the French.[25]. Because they had been despoiled of all their property, they were forced to beg in the streets. It was built by the Cenomanni Gauls, but later became a Roman colony and a frontier fortress. Other important bishops were Gualtiero (1096), in whose time the cathedral was begun;[26] Sicardus (1185–1215), author of a chronicle and of the Mitrale, a handbook on ecclesiastical offices;[27] Cacciaconte da Somma (1261–1285), under whom was erected the belfry of the cathedral; Niccolo Sfondrati (1560–1590), later Pope Gregory XIV; his nephew Cardinal Paolo Sfondrati (1607–1610); also the zealous and charitable Omobono di Offredi (1791–1829). In this grand seizure of power, the Papacy deprived all Chapters of the right to elect their head. Sforza was born in Cremona, the sixth of eight children of Duke Francesco I Sforza of Milan. I beneficiari dell'IDSC sono tutti i sacerdoti diocesani o religiosi aventi un incarico nella Diocesi, in qualità di parroci, vicari, insegnanti, addetti di Curia . Cappelletti XII, pp. The other party pointed out that, while Egidiolus had more votes than Egidius, he had not reached a majority and his supporters were not the sanior pars of the electors; moreover, he possessed insufficient knowledge and his lifestyle was not commendable (as required by the Lateran Council).[31]. +39 0373 256274 - In his letter of transmittal, he admits that his predecessors for more than seventy years, because of their long absences, had allowed some of the clergy and people of the diocese to go wrong, which made corrections both beneficial and necessary. Sanclemente, pp. This was not the case, however, for popes or for most persons, clerical or lay. La diocesi è organizzata in 5 zone pastorali. [8] Under the Emperor Otto I (962–973) and his successors, its bishops acquired temporal sovereignty,[9] but the people expelled Bishop Oldericus (973–1004) and adopted a republican form of government. Aporti I, pp. Bishop Joannes was present at the provincial council of Milan in 451, presided over by Archbishop Eusebius. He first appears in documents in 1007, in a charter of Henry II. The Diocese of Cremona (Latin: Dioecesis Cremonensis) is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in northern Italy, a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Milan. ), Rubeus claims that Bishop Eustasius was appointed by Pope Felix (483–492) in 491; he was present at the third Roman synod under, Bishop Desiderius was present in Rome for the Roman synod of Pope Agatho in 679. I. caput secundum. Speciano (Speciani) was a priest of the diocese of Milan, and had been Bishop of Novara (1584–1591). Istituo Diocesano per il Sostentamento del Clero della Diocesi di Cremona. Via S. Antonio del Fuoco, 11 26100 Cremona … Eubel I, p. 214. 2637 persone ne parlano. Per comunicare variazioni di orari Messe e aggiornamenti di ParrocchieMap: He was appointed to Cremona (Eubel lists him as Administrator) on 9 November 1549 by, Cesi asked for the See of Cremona in 1550,l but was told to wait by. È retta dal vescovo Antonio Napolioni. Is it possible that Mollat made a mistake in the date of the letter? Sanclemente, pp. Azo), the royal Missus of King Arduin (1102–1114), the royal ban against anyone who attempted to seize properties belonging to the bishop. "Del resto i dati cronologici e biografici della lista del Eubeus contengono evidenti errori di cronologia e sono inquinati di favole, come gli stessi scrittori locali hanno dimostrato. Felicis.". CV of Bishop Lafranconi: Diocesi di Cremona. Odelricus' father was Count of Seprio (province of Milan). Gams, p. 789. Novati, pp. He was appointed Bishop of Cremona on 30 January 1591 by, Sfondrati was born in Milan, and was a nephew of Pope Gregory XIV, who made him a cardinal in 1590. 75 778 Per informazioni e prenotazioni rivolgersi. Servizi per l’Accoglienza onlus. Sanclemente demonstrates that Bishop Benedictus was still alive in 881. The Ghibellines had seized the city and the diocese and were triumphant against the papal government. Sanclemente, p. 110. 254-256, with note 9, quoting a diploma of the. Hubaldus signed documents for Conrad II on 27 February 1031. Pagina aperta della Chiesa cremonese curata dalla redazione di TeleRadio Cremona Cittanova 110-111. The archbishop took the plea, and granted Egidiolus possession and administration rights. Parrocchia di Bozzolo - Diocesi di Cremona: Home Le Chiese Varie Spunti di Catechesi > AGENDA Contatti CALENDARIO LITURGICO Coronavirus FUNZIONI ... Satiriche e dissacranti, le vignette di "Don Gioba" Berti diventano virali sul web - Sotto le ultime. On 20 September 1325, Pope John sent a letter to Cardinal Giacomo Caetani Stefaneschi of S. Giorgio ad velum aureum, authorizing him to accept Bishop-elect Egidius' resignation, and to take charge of the administration of the diocese himself. Disposizioni generali Protocollo CEI/Governo. Liutprand (also called Luysus) was a Deacon and Canon of the cathedral of Pavia. [13] Landulfus was insensitive, arrogant, and overbearing. The earliest reference to Odelricus in documents is on 5 March 973. (1972). Il canale video della Diocesi di Cremona a cura della redazione di TeleRadio Cremona Cittanova La diocesi di Cremona ha pubblicato oggi sul proprio sito il bando di concorso per la progettazione dell'adeguamento liturgico della Cattedrale "Beata Vergine Maria Assunta". Casa della Comunicazione - Via Stenico, 3 - 26100 Cremona I Mezzi per il Sostentamento dei Sacerdoti. Sanclemente, p. 288. 1,648 Followers, 72 Following, 259 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Diocesi di Cremona (@diocesi_di_cremona) 2 LA PROPOSTA Ti proponiamo ogni giorno un momento di preghiera che puoi colloca-re al mattino o alla sera in base ai tuoi ritmi di vita, studio o lavoro. The tradition of Cremona considers St. Sabinus to be its first missionary and first bishop; he is said to have lived in the 1st century, though there is no documentary or monumental proof of his existence. [10] On 26 February 1104, Bishop Oldericus obtained from Adelmus (a.k.a. Septala: Ritzler and Sefrin V, p. 176 with note 4. The Diocese of Cremona (Latin: Dioecesis Cremonensis) is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in northern Italy, a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Milan. He was particularly hostile to his predecessor's foundation, the monastery of S. They expelled Bishop Landulfus from the city, confiscated all his goods, and razed the bishop's castle to its foundations. Zone pastorali. Aporti I, p. 67. Caifa”, Oblate di Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore di Gesù, Comunità delle Serve di Maria del Cuor di Gesù, Suore di Nostra Signora di Nazareth (S.N.D.N. [20] Then, on 3 January 1117, a major earthquake struck the Veneto and Lombardy, ruining the cathedral. Dal 1° gennaio 2018 il sito del settimanale diocesano La Vita Cattolica non è più attivo. 1670 by. De Synodi Dioecesanae utilitate", Le diocesi d'Italia dalle origini al principio del secolo VII (an. He was named a cardinal on 17 March 1484, and was appointed Administrator of Cremona on 4 August 1486 by, Accolti was the nephew of Cardinal Pietro Accolti. 160-161. [18], In 1107, the city committed itself to the building of a new cathedral, and laid the first cornerstone in the absence of the bishop. The papal Sede vacante lasted until 7 August 1316, when the Conclave elected Cardinal Jacques Duèse as Pope John XXII. Si-lenzio, ascolto e sintonia con lo Spirito sono gli ingredienti fondamen-tali di cui abbiamo bisogno! [19] In 1113, after his return, Bishop Landulfus held a diocesan synod, but the city was consumed by a fire on 10 August 1113. Gauchat IV, pp. Thenceforth Cremona became a citadel of Ghibellinism and was greatly favoured by Frederic Barbarossa and Emperor Frederick II, though for the same reason frequently at war with the neighbouring cities. Parrocchia San Giacomo Lovara, Malagnino, Cremona, Diocesi di Cremona, Don Eugenio Pagliari, San Giacomo al campo Provincia di Bergamo (17) Antegnate (1) S. Michele Arcangelo; Arzago d'Adda (1) S. Lorenzo; Barbata (1) SS. His latest document is on 30 October 1066, in which, Bishop Arnulf was the nephew of Archbishop Guido of Milan. Cappelletti XII, p. 128, citing Paul the Deacon. 111-114. 9.4K likes. The bishop's seat is in the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. He was Prior of the Carmelite convent at S. Maria Transpadina. Sanclemente, p. 137. He was nominated Bishop of Cremona 12 March 1830, and preconised (approved) on 28 February 1831, by, Casati was nominated by the Austrian Emperor Franz on 16 February 1839, and approved (preconised) by, A native of Bergamo, Romilly was selected as Bishop of Cremona on 3 October 1845, by the Emperor Franz, and approved (preconised) by. Le parrocchie della diocesi di Cremona sono 222. Novati (1880), pp. Pietro e Paolo; Brignano Gera d'Adda (1) S. Maria Assunta; Calcio (1) S. Vittore Martire; Calvenzano (1) SS. Sulla base di quanto espresso dal Consiglio Permanente della CEI, la Diocesi di Cremona ha offerto alcune indicazioni che riguardano in modo particolare le celebrazioni liturgiche. A new bishop for Cremona was appointed by John XXII in a letter of 6 March 1327. [37], On 13 September 1319, Pope John XXII issued the bull "Imminente Nobis", reserving to the papacy the right of appointment to all benefices, archiepiscopal, episcopal, collegiate, abbatial, monasterial, prioral, and all other ecclesiastical places, whether secular or regular, exempt (from episcopal control) or not. Egidiolus' opponents immediately registered a complaint with the archbishop, and demanded the confirmation of Egidius de Madalbertis, according to Cappelletti. He died in Rome on 4 October 1681. La celebrazione della Messa della Notte di Natale è condizionata dal rispetto della norma nazionale che prevede il divieto di uscire di casa dopo le ore 22.00. Lanzoni observes that the episcopal lists are not all names of historical bishops, but actually only of persons who had a public cult (such as a church named after them) in the diocese: "molti e forti indizi dimostrano che i santi enumerati nel, Sanclemente, p. 1: FELIX circa An. Sanclemente, relying on the authority of an unpublished manuscript by Giuseppe Maria Bonafossa, states that Egidiolus immediately demanded confirmation of his election from his Metropolitan, Archbishop Gaston of Milan. Sanclemente, pp. Utilizziamo i cookie per garantire all'utente un'esperienza migliore l sul nostro sito. Porri was appointed in 1383, in the last quarter of the year. Egidius had never been able to enter his diocese or take possession of his See due to the civil war which had enveloped Cremona. Cremona is in Lombardy, Italy, on the left (north) bank of the River Po. Leggi la policy di, Vicario generale e moderatore della Curia, Vicario episcopale per il clero e il coordinamento pastorale, Delegato episcopale per la Vita consacrata, Beni e attività culturali – Edifici di culto, Beni e attività culturali – Edilizia di culto, Scuola diocesana di musica sacra “D. Della Torre had previously been Bishop of Parma. [15] The bishop's servants who were inside the castle were able to make an arrangement with the Canons of the cathedral to ransom themselves with all of their goods, but their houses were destroyed. Caritas Cremonese è partner del progetto Gioco Sapiens 2.0 (capofila è il Comune di Cremona), prosecuzione dell’azione Gioco Sapiens, che intende proseguire la sensibilizzazione e l’informazione sulle problematiche inerenti il gioco d’azzardo e sostenere le azioni di supporto a coloro che si trovano in condizione di dipendenza e ai loro familiari. Il prelato da qualche giorno, come riferisce l'ufficio stampa della diocesi… Schwartz, pp. Landulfus was a chaplain and Councilor of King Henry II. From 1823 to 1831 he was Vicar General of Trent and Dean of the cathedral Chapter. Egidiolus had half of the votes, but not a majority. On 22 March 1179, a dispute between Offredus and Abbot Silvester of Brixillense concerning rights over three churches. He was transferred to the diocese of Ceneda by. Parrocchie della diocesi di Cremona raggruppate per provincia e comune. He was appointed Bishop of Cremona on 6 October D. [17], The Emperor Henry IV (1056–1106), however, confirmed Bishop Landulf in all imperial grants made to his predecessors. On 985, Bishop Odelricus conducted a visitation of the Library and Archives of the Church of Cremona, and found theft, damage, and disorder everywhere; a record of the visitation survives. The monastery was suppressed by the French occupation administration in 1797. Altre informazioni … His latest appearance occurs on 18 March 1030, in a document of Conrad II. Pope John XXII finally issued a ruling on 18 July 1318,[33] stating that Egidius de Madalbertis, Canon of the Church of Cremona, was the bishop of Cremona, to which he had been elected following the death of Bishop Raynerius. LV., a quo traditur nominata Ecclesia S. 252-254. 58-59. The diocese has 223 parishes, all located within the region of Lombardy, and the majority (174) within the Province of Cremona, besides 28 in the Province of Mantua, 17 in the Province of Bergamo, and 4 in the Province of Milan. [41], Bishop Cesare Speciano (1591–1607) held a diocesan synod in Cremona in 1599. 129-134 (partially summarized), and Cappelletti XII, pp. 23-25. Parrocchia Patrono Comune Frazione/Quartiere Web Cassano - … Bishop Cacciconte died on 16 July 1288. Novati, Francesco, "L' Obituario della cattedrale di Cremona," in: This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 23:58. He was therefore deposed and sent to a monastery. Ponzio was still alive on 13 June 1290. Eubel I, p. 214, with notes 6 and 7, following Mollat. 9,2 mil Me gusta. 194-201 (verbatim). On 3 March 1078, in a public synod in Rome, Arnulfus confessed that he was a simoniac; he was deposed, anathematized, and denied the hope of restoration by. Ma che dovrà dirsi dei puri nomi e della loro successione? [22], In later medieval times Cremona had many lords or "tyrants", the Pallavicini, the Dovara,[23] the Cavalcabo,[24] the Visconti of Milan (1334–1402), the Sforza, until it became part of the Duchy of Milan (1328). [30] Twelve electors met on 17 February in the Choir of the cathedral, and announced their votes on oath in a scrutiny. Pagina aperta della Chiesa cremonese curata dalla redazione di TeleRadio Cremona Cittanova He was appointed Bishop of Cremona on 3 September 1607 by. Of the bishops of the first eight centuries, it recognizes only Joannes (451), Eustasius (501), Desiderius (679), and Stephanus (774). [42] He held his second diocesan synod in 1604. I nomi più antichi del catalogo edito dal Eubeus, eccetto due, Ioannes e Eustasius o Eustachius, riposano unicamente su la fede di quello scrittore; non sono appoggiati da alcun documento o monumento contemporaneo.". Coronavirus Covid-19: diocesi di Cremona, in città sospesa la celebrazione pubblica dell’Eucaristia e chiusura degli oratori 22 febbraio 2020 @ 18:40 “Il vescovo di Cremona, mons. Ho trovato 359 Luoghi di Celebrazione ( di cui 234 con messe programmate ) Mappa Lista. Mappa della diocesi. He and Archbishop Anselm of Milan took the part of King Berengarius against the Emperor Louis the Pious. While he was at the papal Court, he died. Nel 2016 contava 317.208 battezzati su 366.503 abitanti. Eubel I, p. 214. was transferred from Brescia to the diocese of Cremona by. He was transferred to the diocese of Brescia on 29 July 1401. Sanclemente, p. 1, no. Lorenzo. LOGIN PRIVACY POLICY POWERED BY RGweb. Ombono held the degree of, Born in 1772 in Rovereto (diocese of Trent), Sardagna had been Vicar General in Trent (1810–1818), then Vicar Capitular (1818–1823). [21], In 1211 and 1212, the papal legate Gerard of Sessa used Cremona as his base of operations in Lombardy, and employed Bishop Sicard of Cremona in some of his activities. Diocesi Di Cremona, Cremona. He died on 14 July 1290. Diocesi Di Cremona, Cremona. Parrocchie della diocesi di Cremona. [34] Since bishop-elect Egidius was still living in Avignon on 4 August 1319, he assigned to Frater Thomas of the house of S. Abundantius in Cremona the care of the physical fabric of the cathedral. The latest document of Bishop Odelricus is on 26 February 1004. In 1546 the Benedictines were succeeded by Olivetan monks. A diocesan synod was an irregularly held, but important, meeting of the bishop of a diocese and his clergy. VERRETTO - Nella mattina di venerdì 27 novembre è deceduto, all’età di 64 anni, don Giancarlo Regazzetti, originario di Romanengo, nella diocesi di Cremona, dove è stato ordinato sacerdote il 21 giugno 1980. Former Bishop Ugolino di San Marco died on 17 April 1362, and was buried in the church of S. Dominic in Cremona. 592-597 (quoting the documents). A native of Pavia, Isimbardi was a master of theology, and lectured in metaphysics at the Sapienza in Rome. Eubel II, p. 139. [4] His putative successor, Felix (c. 86) is known only from the name of a church. [44], Bishop Alessandro Litta (1718–1749) held a diocesan synod in the cathedral in Cremona on 28-30 April 1727. Grosseto, il 5 e 6 gennaio in cattedrale l'effigie della Madonna di Loreto proveniente dal 4° stormo "Fratelli tutti": l'enciclica di Papa Francesco tradotta in lingua russa e dai musulmani; Nigeria: liberati il vescovo ausiliare di Owerri e il suo autista [40], In 1550, Cardinal Francesco Sfondrati, Bishop of Cremona (1549–1550), issued a set of constitutions and edicts to be observed in his diocese. Scopri tutte le persone, gli organismi, gli enti, gli uffici e le parrocchie che compongono la Diocesi di Mantova PARTECIPA Cerca gli orari delle messe, sfoglia il calendario delle iniziative e scarica i documenti utili a prendere parte alla vita della diocesi di Mantova Egidiolus' party claimed that his supporters were older, were more outstanding in merit, and held more prestigious positions; they claimed that Egidius was not in Holy Orders, and therefore should not be electable. Puoi trovare indirizzo, numero di telefono e la mappa di tutte le parrocchie nel comune di Cremona, in provincia di Cremona. [1][2] The bishop's seat is in the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Egidiolus is referred to only as the other candidate in the contested election, and is not called a bishop. Lando received a charter from King Berengarius I, dated 23 November 910. Gauchat IV, p. 167 with note 5. "Falsificazioni di fonti dell’età paleocristiana e altomedievale nella storiografia cremonese". His bulls were apparently signed on 21 March. If Sanclemente had had any documentary evidence, he would have, as was his practice, quoted it. He was appointed Bishop of Cremona on 17 May 1621. Ordina per Casa di cura San Camillo. Diocesi di Cremona. Visconti had previously been Bishop of Alessandria. [11], In 987, Bishop Oldericus founded a Benedictine monastery in honor of S. Lawrence in Cremona. Each party however proclaimed its candidate elected, and sang a Te Deum. 129-130, conjectures that it was several days before Christmas Eve, since (according to him) bishops were laid out for viewing by the people for several days before interment. Liudprand of Cremona was sent (946) as ambassador to Constantinople by the Emperor Otto II, and is a noted historical writer of the 10th century. Diocesi di Cremona STORIA I - Le origini Colonia romana fin dal 218 a.C., Cremona aveva già perduto, verso la fine del primo secolo cristiano, la sua posizione preminente tra i territori settentrionali, conservando però un ruolo importante nella rete delle comunicazioni, grazie anche alla sua posizione lungo il corso del Po. 167 with note 4. Stephanus: Blasius Rubeus (Biagio Rossi), Lanzoni, p. 947, notes that only two of the first twelve names in Rubeus' list can show documentary or monumental collaboration. Eubel I, p. 214. Cf. 8.8K likes. Bishop Siniperto attended the council of Mantua held by, Panchoardus: Sanclemente, pp.