I lost my long haired black lab to cancer. I agree with christine d, my dog has such a different personailty then her brother that is short hair. There is also a “Greater Labrador” that I’ve come across, which sounds like another word for Landseer. Oh what a bummer? As long-coat is the recessive, long x long would produce all long-coats. Negli ultimi anni si sono presentati alcuni temerari estimatori dei labrador a pelo lungo, ma visto che è assai difficile ottenere un cucciolo con questa caratteristica, molti di loro sono destinati a non avere un cane. Could also cross Labrador with Flat-Coat, but the body structure and head type of the FCR is farther from Labrador than is the Golden, also many Flat-coats don’t have the desired undercoat– but you’d get a higher percentage of blacks. I live in Italy, last year we bought a small labrador long-haired, small and unfortunately the ‘dead – was the pet of pet teraphy my son with autism, now desperately seek other long-haired labrador, I wrote in australia for one but we arrived too late and they had already sold the little dog, I read this paggina often and now I see that there have been other cases of long-haired labrador, for us the race is important, since their behavior with the kids and then the long hair would help our little special “embrace” an “old” friend of the game, if anyone knows where to find the long-haired labrador write me Posted in Labrador retriever, St. John's Water Dog, working dogs, working retrievers | Tagged Flat-coated retriever, Labrador, long-haired Labrador, long-haired water dog, St. John's Water Dog, St. John's water dog with long-hair, wavy-coated retriever | 35 Comments. La spazzola migliore per il Labrador è una buona spazzola con setole dure o un cardatore, disponibili nella maggior parte dei negozi per animali. Il labrador pelo lungo è conosciuto con il termine Labrador Fluffy, un gene che fa nascere dei soggetti a pelo lungo. Lambert de Boillieu, a trader working Labrador during the 1850’s, mentions that long-haired dogs were of no use to the fishermen and hunters of Newfoundland and Labrador, and they were eager to have them sent off to Britain: The dogs sent to England, with rough shaggy coats, are useless on the coast; the true-bred and serviceable dog having smooth, short hair, very close and compact to the body. Zelstone’s ancestry ran right through Henry Farquharson’s kennels— and he was mostly of St. John’s water dog ancestry. Per info sul costo della monta e altre foto gradito contatto telefonico o via whatsapp. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Portatore anche del colore Lilac e Blu. Thank you for the great post. Some reading for you about long haired Labs. One needs to understand that the dog that these texts call a “Labrador” isn’t necessarily the same as the breed called the “Labrador retriever.”  The modern Labrador retriever traces to the 1880’s, when the line of smooth-coated retrievers that was kept by the Dukes of Buccleuch was combined with that of the Earls of Malmesbury. She is a little fluff ball! The exact origin of these modern long-haired Labradors isn’t exactly clear. His is dark chocolate and has the red undertones. A modern long-haired Labrador retriever in profile. Chihuahua pelo lungo color Chocolate & Tan, linee russe, Pedigree Enci. | Canis lupus hominis […]. My mom’s dog, the sister, is pure black and white. Well, of course, a long-haired dog is so much more…displayable. Di marti1980 nel forum RETRIEVERS Risposte: 6 Ultimo Messaggio: 01-11-13, 02:36 PM. She almost looks like a border collie in coloring but they both had the same parents. Le ultime cucciolate degli allevamenti di cani professionali o amatoriali. My mother and I responded to an ad in our local newspaper about lab puppies and when we got there, there was one short hair and and long hair. Durante i periodi di maggiore perdita del pelo, bisogna spazzolarlo quotidianamente per evitare che sporchi troppo in casa. Beaters gave him a wide berth, for he was not to be induced to give up game to them, and woe betide any of the number, whom he knew by their dress—a white gaberdine with a red cross in it—if they approached to familiarity, or intercepted him whilst he tracked his game liked a Bloodhound, and stooped to his line amongst the underwood, or tried to knock over crippled game after he had viewed it and was racing it down. When families came to start making their picks, the “fluffy pups” were the first to go, even though we gave the families our research, the expected increased grooming and adult coat, and the DNA results. Hers is fluffier like a newfoundland and has golden hues in the summer. vivo in Italia, l’anno scorso abbiamo comperato una piccola labrador a pelo lungo, purtroppo la piccola e’ morta – era l’animale di pet teraphy di mio figlio affetto da autismo, ora cerchiamo disperatamente altra labrador a pelo lungo, ho scritto in australia per uno ma siamo arrivati troppo tardi ed avevano già ceduto il piccolo cane, leggo questa paggina spesso e ora vedo che ci sono stati altri casi di labrador a pelo lungo, per noi la razza è importante , visto il loro comportamento con i bambini e poi il pelo lungo aiuterebbe al nostro piccolo speciale di “riabbracciare” una “vecchia” amica di gioco, se qualcuno sa dove trovare dei labrador a pelo lungo mi scriva Elenco degli allevamenti cinofili professionali e amatoriali e dei centri di selezione della razza Chihuahua Pelo Lungo in Italia. It is often said that the long-coats on these dogs derived from crossing the smooth-coated St. John’s water dog with the setter. Cerca tra le razze di cani disponibili come Bulldog Inglese,Bassotto Kaninchen a Pelo Corto,Cocker Spaniel Inglese,Shih-Tzu,Labrador Retriever,Bassotto Tedesco a Pelo Lungo,Pastore Svizzero Bianco nella tua città LABRADOR FLUFFY, LABRADOR A PELO LUNGO ‘Fluffy’ e’ il termine con il quale si indica un Labrador con il pelo lungo. They are wonderful dogs. They’re very friendly, loving, intelligent, and are a fabulous pet. Visualizza altre idee su cani, labrador, animali. I Golden sono parenti stretti dei labrador? (Riferito al vostro labrador) TUTTI Io ho l'onore di averli entrambi, ormai sono abituata a sentir dire "bello questo labrador!" Also, people seemed to admire long haired dogs more than short-haired in those Victorian days. I kept the female because she was unusual with her thick wavy coat and long hair and 6 years later I finally found out and got confirmation from AKC that I received an unusually and never happens a very rare flat coat retriever from 2 akc labrador retrievers. “Jack” acknowledged no owner but Mr. Drax, and died in his service at Charborough Park. I just picked up a long haired black lab puppy last night. la nostra competenza ci permette di valorizzare l'equilibrio e la socievolezza di questa razza già educata e meravigliosa per natura. La morfologia, quindi, oggi come oggi non è del tutto prevedibile. I had a short hair black Lab that was very smart. Per un cucciolo di Labrador Retriever, tanto è desiderato e tanto è richiesto, si pagherebbe molto, ma di solito la cifra di mercato è attorno ai 1.200 - 1.800 euro. i have one here in weatherford texas she a older dog needs a good home came from the dog pound here , she a nice dog . I actually adopted a Lab/ golden mix as a pup. The Rev. He is five months old and is the smartest lab I have ever owned. Evitate di tenere un labrador se avete un piccolo appartamento senza spazio esterno, o dovrete rinunciare alle suppellettili di casa, in quanto non amano restare a lungo inattivi. it is a shame that no body breeds these dogs . Truth bites :-). Il suo pelo è doppio, spesso, e quando lo perde può diventare fastidioso e accumularsi per la casa. The modern flat-coated retriever also has more or less the setter’s coat, which lacks the very, very dense undercoat that is associated with golden and Labrador retrievers. During the time he was in the squire’s service he must have carried more game than any team, or half-a-dozen teams, could draw, since every year he went the circuit of Mr. Drax’s manors and estates, and the two were as much heralds of each other in Kent, Dorset, or Yorkshire, as Wells and “Fisherman” when a Queen’s Plate was to be run for. Visualizza altre idee su labrador, cuccioli, animali. Will send pics if you want to judge. Allevamento e vendita cuccioli cani di razza Chihuahua Pelo Lungo. but yes, that would be good stock to start with! Elenco degli allevamenti cinofili professionali e amatoriali e dei centri di selezione della razza Chihuahua Pelo Lungo in Italia. He leash broke in a matter of minutes. I am still hesitating. Labrador a pelo lungo Cercate di non odiarmi e risparmiate i sassi per la prossima lapidazione, ormai ho la corazza per quel che riguarda l'argomento. Thank you. Se non lo trovi imposta un avviso … Il naso e nero, ma può sbiadire fino al marrone scuro col passare degli anni. This was the only British retriever to be selected for the dominant smooth coat. grazie The dogs look very much like the old wavy-coated retriever and the long-haired St. John’s water dogs, which were essentially the same breed. I am so glad that I got my Long haired girl. When Stonehenge provided a depiction of a St. John’s Newfoundland or Labrador dog in an edition of The Dog in Health and Disease (1879), he chose to use an image of a long-haired one. 128-129). Labrador neri. Si tratta di un cane potente e muscoloso, che ama correre nella natura, nuotare, giocare, divertisti, con gli umani ma anche da solo o con altri cani. Labrador fluffy, labrador a pelo lungo . MANTELLO. I sent to England a fine specimen of these, but unfortunately the vessel which bore it had the misfortune to be wrecked on the north coast of Ireland, and all hands were lost (243-244). Sorry to hear about your Lab Kat. Il labrador retriever è un cane da caccia originario della penisola del Labrador; questa razza è stata riconosciuta solo nel XIX secolo, e sono quindi solo poche decine di anni che viene selezionata in allevamento. If one breeds a dog that is homozygous for the smooth-coat to a dog that is homozygous for the long-coat, you will get smooth-coated puppies. CERCO CRICETO A PELO LUNGO. LOL. martina t. albert – longare – VI – italia, I apologize for the English translator Nei Labrador esiste un gene che causa soggetti a pelo lungo e … Il Labradoodle è un cane di taglia piccola, e ha poche caratteristiche fisse perché come abbiamo detto è una razza recente e comunque dipende anche dai genitori. pelo duro Grifone Vandeano Husky siberiano Labrador retriever Lagotto romagnolo Levriero afgano Levriero inglese Levriero spagnolo Pastore australiano Pastore belga Pastore catalano Pastore tedesco Pastore svizzero Podenco tedesco Retriever a pelo liscio Rottweiler San Bernardo Terranova Il pelo del Labrador è facile da tenere pulito e in ordine, ma questa razza ha una muta piuttosto impegnativa. Non di meno, sappiamo come sia stato utilizzato per gettare le basi delle attuali razze retriever. I love learning new things about this wonderful dog breed…or is it “variety”? She had a few short coated sisters and brothers and at least 2 other long coats. All that has to happen is for both parents to be carrying a “copy” of the allele for it to be expressed in a few of the offspring. These dogs are extremely rare– much rarer than Labradors with tan poins or brindling. A volte, sebbene decisamente di rado, capita che in una cucciolata sia presente un cagnolino con il pelo lungo e riccioluto, ma tali esemplari non possono ricevere il pedigree e non appartengono alla razza labrador, in quanto portatori di un difetto congenito che induce a classificarli come meticci. Before meeting him my favorite was a husky retriever mix; but now hopefully can find a red-headed long-haired retriever. When crossed with a chocolate Lab, the allele that stops that pigment from appearing is recessive to the chocolate Labrador, which doesn’t have it. Allevamento e vendita cuccioli cani di razza Chihuahua Pelo Lungo. Its resemblance to the old wavy-coated retriever is uncanny. It was Col. Peter Hawker, so early than in the 1810s, who suggested to find a short-haired type, if only possible. Questo cane è leggermente più lungo che alto. She is very smart and very loving. We’ve found that many breeders, even some who have been involved for over 30 years, have not heard of the long haired Labrador; and of those that have heard of it, very few have seen one. In my case the parents: the mom was long hair and the dad was short hair with fluffy ears, they both had some kind of long hair in their genes. These were the dominant retrievers in the British Isles through the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. La muta avviene circa quattro volte all’anno, e come quello raso ha il vantaggio di essere un tipo di pelo molto facile da pulire e asciugare. Il Labrador a pelo lungo: sappiamo come sia potuto originarsi, sappiamo a cosa serviva e che caratteristiche fenotipiche e attitudinali lo distinguevano dalle altre popolazioni canine, sappiamo in che precisa zona geografica lo si ritrovava. One reason that there are few extant references before the end of the 19th century to the short-coated Labrador dog, is that those dogs were kept very privately and the writers of the day had little or no knowledge of them, particularly in the days before organized dog shows/field trials.. they are very good looking dogs. Until him, I never knew the breed existed. 1 Allevatori di cani Chihuahua Pelo Lungo. New and was wonder long haired lab? Il manto dei Labrador può essere nero, cioccolato o dorato, e quest'ultimo colore è quello che presenta diverse tonalità, dalle più pallide, quasi bianche, fino a riflessi rossicci. Labrador Retriever, finisce sempre per essere accorciato in Labrador e basta, e si tratta di una delle razze di cani più nota e comune. Il pelo, infatti, è una delle caratteristiche che permette di distinguerli a vista, perché questi ultimi hanno il pelo lungo e morbido. Just have to keep your eye out. Modern Labrador retriever are almost universally smooth-coated dogs. I love her so much and she is so adorable! Do Labradors come in long-hair? Were Romulus and Remus really nursed by a she-wolf? […] that looks like a Flatcoat, yes, but pretty rare. Even-tempered and well-behaved around young children and the elderly, Labradors are athletic and playful, and are the most popular breed of dog by registered ownership in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.